A New Year,
A New You

It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new year, and it’s a new you!
The resolutions have begun. Some may have already been forgotten. The fact is that New Year's resolutions have existed since the early 18th century and perhaps as far back as the late 17th century. Not only were people making resolutions 200 years ago, but they were also breaking them and using them as excuses for bad behavior before the new year, which continues to this day.
We have all made them at times in our lives. Cliche’s like “I’m going to lose weight after the new year.” Or, “I’m going to eat more healthy as soon as the new year starts.” How about, “I’m going to start drinking a lot less this year?” I think the most popular is “I’m going to start hitting the gym on New Year’s Day.” It’s a fact, that all gyms are the most busy in January and then the members slowly diminish. How do your New Year’s resolutions work for you? For me I can’t even remember what resolutions I made last year, I just know I always have had one.
What if we threw out the old cliché’ resolutions? What if our resolutions were simple goals we could all do very easily. For example “I am going to smile more,” “I am just going to be more appreciative and have gratitude”. How about, “I am going to be a happier person everyday?” What if we just wanted to make each day a brand new day?

Have you ever sat up in your bed first thing in the morning and said it’s a brand new day? The actual fact is, each and everyday is a brand new day. Wouldn’t it be nice to remember that and start over? Actually, we do have a clean slate everyday. The practice of letting go of yesterday and all the baggage left behind is one of the best resolutions you could make for a new year and a new you. Have you ever been able to re-write history? So why sweat what happened yesterday? To let go and start fresh is so freeing. It’s an easy practice and another easy resolution to achieve.

Those simple resolutions will make a new you. Not only would it change your life to practice those, it would change the lives of others around you. The effect of your new glow would be infectious.

We actually have the power within to start a new everyday. It is the most cleansing and healing feeling to let go of yesterday and say hello to today! So let’s smile more, be happy, have gratitude, and start everyday as a brand new day! I believe that is a resolution we could all achieve. So let’s make it a New Day, a New Dawn, a New Year, a New You and have a Happy New Year!
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