Be Positive
and Live

A Inspirational column: 
By Desert Mountain Resident Angie Wright
Positively Live!
We all live, if we are breathing and have a heartbeat
we are living. But what do we do with that life we are living?

Most of us get into a routine which can be good,
but also we can get a bit lost in that routine.
I think that for some of us, we wake up, get the coffee,
maybe catch the news while riding on a treadmill, breakfast,
maybe juggling kids and running to work.
We get through the day to start all over again.
What about the rut of “I have to do this or I have to do that?”
What if we changed it to “I get too?”
What if we woke up and took a deep appreciation breath for being alive?

What if we gave thanks for the breakfast, the yoga mat, or the treadmill that we are able to get our exercise on?

What about going through your day absorbing the beauty all around you? Possibly, it may make a difference. Rather than just getting through the day, maybe we start really living and being appreciative for all that we have.

What if it changed our anxiety to anxious joy about a new day dawning?
We make a choice, in everyday and every way how we live. You can choose to be grumpy or choose to be happy. You can choose to be healthy and live in each moment or choose to just let the day fly by. If we choose the positive route it isn’t easy. It takes practice. Especially, if we are in the rush mode of living. To stop and remember to just breathe is difficult at times. But the practice of positivity will usually take over in our choices of living.

I do have one secret I practice in the morning, it doesn’t take much time and it gets your brain going. I start with the Alphabet, and think of a positive word for each letter. For example “A” ‘APPRECIATION’ “B” ‘BELIEVE’. I just keep going with the first positive word that comes to mind. For me “C” is ‘CHRIST’ and you continue on to ‘D’ etc. etc. It’s fun and really gets the positive flow going. 

It’s not a secret how much I love God. But whatever you believe I know in my heart that the power of positive thinking sheds enormous love and appreciation on our lives.

To Believe is to live and to really “Live” is pretty spectacular!

I love the quote,
“Life is not measured by the number of Breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”
 Maya Angelou ~
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