Seeing Real Beauty

What is real beauty? The definition in the dictionary is - a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. I happen to believe it is all of that and more.
Do we look for the beauty in our surroundings? Do we really take time to absorb the real beauty in the trees, the flowers and the wonderful beauty of the animals and their new little babies running around? How about the mountains, waterfalls and all of our wonderful surroundings? Do you take in the beauty of the Sun, stars and moon? I can’t imagine one who hasn’t seen the beauty of a sunrise or sunset. I personally find great beauty in the wonderful lightning and our monsoon storms.
We look at homes and admire and say “that’s so beautiful”. What if we took it one step further? What if we thought about how beautifully wonderful the architects mind must be? We shop and see things that are so beautiful and so often we buy them. What if we touched the fabric and thought of the beauty of the feel? We smell perfumes and think ‘that is a beautiful scent.’ We find beauty in advertisements that grab us. Then we purchase those items. Sometimes we envy beauty and want to copy things we see that are so beautiful. All of that is human nature. Let’s face it, the word “beautiful” is used, quite often. Could you imagine if we took a breath and looked for all the beauty even deeper?
We immediately think of beauty when we see a beautiful person. We think ‘oh my goodness that person is so beautiful.’ It’s automatic to be in awe of others we feel are more beautiful than us. That kind of beauty is admiral and fun to recognize. However, if we really think about it, that beauty soon fades away.
We find beauty in one another, but do you search for the inner beauty in people you meet? Do you search for the inner beauty in yourself? I believe inner beauty is the most important thing to possess. If people say “you glow, what is your secret?” Well, then you are accomplishing that inner beauty. To search the inner beauty of those first before the outer part is not only interesting, it’s very refreshing when we see one another’s inner beauty. Quite frankly the outer will always be even more beautiful. It will also make us practice and be more aware of our own inner beauty.
We all have that inner beauty, it’s a matter of practicing it. There is so much beauty in this world everywhere, in every person and everything we see. What if we all decided to practice taking in the beauty of everything we see and the beauty of all, inside and out? What if we daily saw our own inner beauty a little more. What if?
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