Do You See
What I See?

We all know that not one person has the same fingerprint or foot print.
However did you know that no two people see the same?
We don’t see in the mirror what other’s see.
We don’t look at people or objects and see what one another does.
We even translate things differently when we read.
It is truly fascinating to look at someone and say to yourself that person isn’t looking at me and seeing me the way I do.
You even look at your spouses or significant others differently than others do.
We definitely see our children different too.
Could you imagine if we could see everything through God’s eyes?
I really think the gift of seeing can be taken for granted in so many ways.
It is taking the time too ‘really see’ that if the key.
For example, how many friends do you have that you can really recall the color of their eyes?
Many of us were taught to look someone in the eye, with a firm handshake.
If you practiced that in a greeting, could you recall the color of their eyes?
Maybe if they were really unique, right?

It is usually the visual extraordinary things that pop out at us that we remember.
We tend to take advantage of what most of us would call ordinary?
What if we took the practice of not seeing any person or thing as ordinary.
Because really, if you think about it, all is extraordinary.
You may have seen a rainbow and captured it in your mind forever.
What about our beautiful mountains all around us have you really seen them?
We see these beautiful unique sunsets. Do we capture them in our minds forever?
Do we really see them?

The fact is hat not even one leaf on a tree is the same.
Not one bird has the same feathers.
Every bristle on a porcupine is different.
Each and everyone of us and every living thing is unique.
Artists can’t replicate exactly.
Not one original painting or paint stroke is the same.

It is very hard to wrap our heads around the beauty and extravagant wonder all around us.
What If we took just one hour a day to really see.
I bet we would find it so phenomenal that we turned into two hours, then three, four and maybe even a daily practice.
If we take the time too 'really see' it would captivate us in such appreciation.

What if we took the time to really see our fellow man on the inside?
I bet that practice would lead us to see exactly what we are supposed to see on the outside.
You will never see what I see, I will never see what you see.
However, what if the practice of ‘eyes wide open’ we started to really like what we see in the mirror more often?
We have heard ‘seeing is believing’.
We have also heard ‘to not see and believe is when we are truly blessed’.
What if the things we don’t see are really there by opening our eyes and taking the time to really see them?

What if we could say, ‘I see you, do you see me?’
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