Don’t Doubt

A Poem written by Angela Wright:
When you have any or even a little doubt
Give the Lord a huge big shout out

For doubt is an absolute sin
So don’t let the enemy win

Our Troubles always work there way out
With that I have NO doubt

When in doubt fold your hands and pray
Give it all up to the ONE who will show the way

The Lord is the only ONE who holds the key
To whatever our Journey may be

The Way, The Truth and The Life is for us to always see
I have no doubt, that will forever be true for me

We should never doubt his love and what he has planned
He just wants us to reach out trust and hold his hand

We should never doubt his love
and the wonders given from above

When they put those nails in his hand
It was more love than we can understand

Those holes he wears forever more
are for the pain and bloodshed he did bore

The ultimate gift from our great God above
The most treasured gift of real true love

Just give in to the holy ghost
Let him take over and be your host

For when you do, your doubt will melt away
and tomorrow will be a brand new day
© Copyright Always Anglea Wright | All Rights Reserved | 2020 - 2024
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