To dream is so often talked about. We discuss our dreams with friends. We hear it in song “I like dreaming”, “To Dream The Impossible Dream”, “Dream On”, “Just a Dream” wonderful songs about dreaming right?. There is the iconic “I Have A Dream’ speech. We dream in our sleep, we dream all through the day. We may even have the same dream over and over trying to analyze what it means. Let’s Face it we all dream.

Dreaming can sometimes be so wonderful and sometimes a real and true nightmare may linger with you. So what do they mean? Some experts think dreams have specific meaning. Others think it’s all speculation. Some experts also say we all dream. If we think we don’t dream we probably just don’t remember.
I have always been fascinated with my dreams. I have learned a bit about dreams. They have been called hallucinations that are filled with symbolism. I have been told they are our unconscious way of releasing stress. Remembering happy things can be good for the endorphins which can change your mood. On the other side of it, if you remember bad dreams they can change your mood to be negative. Either way they can sometimes linger with you to be happy or sad.
Because I have had crazy dreams my whole life I talk about them a lot with others. It boggles my mind when i come across someone who says they never had a dream in their life. Or there are those who say they dream but can never remember a dream. Then there is the sometimes heated conversation about whether we dream in color or black and white. Oh believe me a lot of people have great opinion about dreams. Day dreaming is another way of dreaming. Have you ever had a dream that came true? I know I have especially in day dreaming. Regardless of the debate about dreaming. I believe we all dream in someway. What if we all had the not so impossible same dream? The dream to love thy neighbor, to love and respect our Country and to just get along? What if?
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