Family Matters

Dictionary : Definition “Family” A group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit “the family lived in a large house with a lot of land”
So that is pretty laughable and definitely old school.
Let’s face it In life family really matters to each and everyone of us. It could be a large family a small family or even some of us may have a pet we think as family. You may think of a neighbor as family. I myself include many of my life long friends as actual real family to me. In whatever way we live, there is always family who matter.
However, with family comes ‘family matters’. I have found especially with siblings or kids there is always some kind of a matter going on. Kids competing with one another, parents driving us crazy, and matters of health is most prevalent to me. Let’s face it, with family and their matters comes drama.
I have 9 kids, 10 grandchildren a husband and 2 parents gratefully still with us. Our two 2 cats who are our family too. You can only imagine the matters always going on in my life. Here on the mountain I have my adults kids and my grandchildren coming and going. It is such a blessing, yet there are always fires to put out. My mom just recently lost my father and lives 4 minutes from me. My brother, husband and I are taking care of her quite frequently. My 90 year old father lives alone in Oregon, so there are phone calls daily to keep in touch. I have Zoom calls to stay in touch with my grandchildren. Yes, it may seem like chaos, however I have made it through for 57 years. So you can too in whatever you're matters may be.
So how do you deal with family matters? I find myself taking big breaths a lot. Sometimes walking away and letting others figure it out works best. Exercise is a great way to clear your mind and possibly come up with ideas to help the chaos. It is also comforting to talk with others because in some way, we all can relate. Communication has always been key for me.
There are matters of the heart, matters of finances, matters of just getting along and important matters of health and well being. With all that matters we share a common ground and that is ‘Love’. Through the love, I believe the most important ‘matter’ always is ‘Family Matters’!
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