A man in relation to his child or children. That is the definition in the dictionary of a Father. I believe it is that and a whole lot more.
We have our Father in Heaven with many names. We have many different Religions who honor their Fathers. Father Abraham, Father God, Yawheh, Jehovah, Abba, Shaddai, Allah, and Buda to name a few. Then we have our Four Fathers who founded our country.
I believe that the term Father or Dad, can be any male who cares for and nurtures. Someone who takes pride in being a role model. Some men may not have children but they may have animals and feel like a dad to their pets. You may have had teachers who felt like Fathers to you. Some men have Fathered Children, but may not really be a Dad. However, each and everyone one of us have needed a Father in order to be born and here in this wonderful world.
We may have Father’s who have passed but we still honor them and remember the special things about them during this time. In my life, I lost my Father a couple of years ago, and recently my Father in-law. Both of whom had great contribution to my life. I felt honored to be their daughter. I continue to try and remember them and honor them daily.
During this special Holiday I would like to honor Dad’s. Those Dad’s who are responsible, thoughtful, nurturing, affectionate, understanding and most importantly involved. Great Thanks to you all, who fit that category of Dad. Thank you for your contribution to us all and for making us who we are. To those of you who may want to be a Dad, keep those awesome role models in your life as examples and apply that gift to you.
Let’s all remember our Dad’s wherever they may be! Happy Father’s Day to all of you. Enjoy, know you are loved, and have awesome blessed days, always! ~ Angie
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