Finally, finally, Football is back again
We hope we have more than a few good men!

The field perfectly lined and beautifully green
Let’s get pumped up and back on the scene!

Friday Night Lights are finally back
The parents once again yell ‘SACK THE QUARTERBACK!’

College Football with ESPN
We hope Lee Corso is back again!

The tailgaters are back, the competitors in full force
Followed by beer and a few cocktails of course!
NFL Sunday and Monday Night take up every channel
There can be nothing to disrupt, dismiss or dismantle!

We hope our quarterback throws the ball with finesse in the air
While the wide receiver rushes to perfection to get there!

The Fans are anxiously on their feet
They are thinking anything but Defeat!

Football ain’t no peanuts and cracker jacks
In fact it has caused some serious heart attacks!

Some of us have a lot on the line
Others of us, just want to have a good time!

We have to remember it’s all in good fun
But let’s face it, we all hope our team is number “ONE!”
© Copyright Always Anglea Wright | All Rights Reserved | 2020 - 2024
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