Forever & Always

A Poem written by Angela Wright:
When the world feels flat and still
It is the time to find your one true will

That will that is so strong
You have it in you all day long

Search for the sprit in your soul
It is the ultimate satisfying goal

To soar in no other way
but to find it right now today

If you seek you will find
There is no reason to rewind

It is the here and the now
All we need to do is kneel and bow

Bow to the one who sits on the throne
and have that everlasting feeling you aren’t alone

As the everlasting wind can blow
Just give in to all your sorrow

There is no other that will make a way
Just know, give thanks and really pray

For all we need is our faith to know his love
and there is nothing like the gift from above

The blood that was shed has wiped our slates clean
All we need to do is believe he can redeem

He redeems us of our past ways
and loves us forever and always

© Copyright Always Anglea Wright | All Rights Reserved | 2020 - 2024
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