Forever Glorify

What you have done for us is more than glorious
All because on that day you were so victorious

Your love and care for me is more than I can see
I want to strive for the righteous way to always be

Our God gave us you Lord the ultimate treasure
Then you gave your Life, a blessing beyond measure

I can’t fathom your love and continued forgiveness
Oh Lord, I want to always be a witness

You died for us and paid the ultimate price
All to give us the most beautiful paradise
How do I show my thanks oh Lord of mine
I should be on my knees thanking you all of the time

Praying and giving thanks doesn’t seem to be enough
Is it giving thanks and praise, even when the times are tough?

With a loud voice I want to sing praise of your name daily
I want to always remember the flesh you gave so bravely

I want to give it to you and always discuss
Because I know you have the ultimate plan for us

Your most awesome sacrifice is in my heart and mind
I wish all who don’t know you would seek and find

With a humble heart and all that I have in me
I thank you for the day you rescued me to see

It’s unbelievable my sins are gone without a trace
All because of your continued mercy and grace

I know with your Power, my heart you will continue to purify
With my hands lifted high your name I will forever glorify
© Copyright Always Angela Wright | All Rights Reserved | 2020 - 2024
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