Going The Extra Mile

How many times in our lives have we heard “You just need to go the extra-mile?” Too many to remember. I find it quite fascinating to think about what if I just would have gone the extra mile on this or on that. However, if you do think about the times of success when you went that extra-mile I bet it would help you to always want to put that into practice.
Our parents would say: “just do that extra homework, go the extra-mile!” Did we? Maybe we did sometimes. I bet those times you did, earned you an “A” instead of a “B.” How about when going for a job interview, you went a little extra prepared and dressed a little sharper. We went that extra-mile to lose the weight (sometimes literally.) We may have gone that extra-mile for a date or proposal. I think if we really think about it, that extra-mile prevailed more times than not.
So why don’t we always go the extra-mile? We forget about all those times it worked out so well for us. Even little things we do to go that extra-mile can make such a differences in other’s lives. What if we went the extra-mile to say “Hi” to our neighbor or, even a stranger? The extra-mile in making time for a loved one has rewards unmeasured. What if we went that extra-mile in simple things like making our bed, loading or unloading the dishwasher, or making our beds to the best of perfection. Just that little extra would put a smile on your significant others face and take away that constant little annoyance. I jest on that one, sometimes it’s fun to annoy them. All kidding aside, people definitely recognize that extra-mile.
As a former professional dancer I had to go the extra-mile my whole life to train to get the part or lead in a show. As a performing arts school owner, people had to go the extra mile to get a job from me, or get the solo. A professional athlete definitely had to go the extra mile for years to get a position they wanted or team they strived to be a part of. Scholars definitely went the extra mile to earn that diploma with honors. Doctors and nurses go that extra mile to save lives.
Success and reward always comes from that extra-mile. To remember that reward and the domino effect it has on others is the key. What if we all made that constant effort to always go the extra-mile? What if?
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