Hand in Hand

We used to run hand in hand in the sand

Oh how those days were so very grand

When I fell you picked me up

and when I spilled you filled my cup

When I cried you wiped my tear

you always new how to take away my fear

You played Santa for every good little girl and boy

your laughter filled the room with such great joy

When you saw someone in need you reached out

you have a special place in heaven there is no doubt

You figured out every puzzle and every maze

and taught us to try again and again always

You changed so many lives we could never count how many

and gave and gave until you were down to your last penny

The memories I hold are all mine and God’s design for me

So I will be just fine all will see

Because Daddy, we used to run hand in hand in the sand

and someday day again it will be so grand

Oh that day we once again run hand in hand in the sand

© Copyright Always Anglea Wright | All Rights Reserved | 2020 - 2024
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