Let There
Be Light

Oh, those awesome words “Let There Be Light”.
What do you think about when you hear them?
Do you immediately think of
God, the sun, the stars, and the moon?
All of these provide extraordinary light
and an exuberance like nothing else in our Universe.
The Light provided to us is so brilliant
and provides so many wonderful things.
For example, the sun rising brings us refreshing beauty
and radiance while reminding us of the dawning of a new day
and a fresh new start. The sun also provides vitamin D
and the power of healing, which is necessary to our
health and well-being. The brilliance and warmth from the sun
helps living things grow. The beautiful sunsets are
overwhelming and breathtaking. They are always amazing,
different, and unique. The moon provides light in the darkness
which brings day to night and night to day.
The twinkling of the stars provides awesome wonder and vibrance to the Universe. Those are the obvious, but there is so much more to the science and the extreme power of the light.
I can’t recall ever saying to myself, “I wish it was dark all the time”
or “I wish I’d never seen that darn sunlight today.”
Personally, I haven’t heard that from anyone. Instead, I have heard other phrases like
“Don’t keep me in the dark”, “Walk in the light”, “Out of the darkness into the light”, and “Don’t be afraid of the dark.” The list goes on and on. I haven’t once heard anyone in someone’s passing say “Go to the dark”, have you? Let’s face it, the light is always better than darkness to lead and guide us.

What if, when those powerful words ”Let there be light” were spoken they also meant our light? The light that each and every one of us has within. Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever stopped for even a moment and appreciated the beauty from the light of others? What about sharing your light?

Do you realize what a “hello” could mean to someone? How about a kind gesture? Little things like holding a door open, a wave, a nod, or letting someone into the lane of traffic. We don’t stop to think about those little things very often. I’d like to share a story I heard many years ago. Maybe you have heard a similar story.

A young man, who had no friends, no family, was so sad and lost he stood standing at a bridge. He thought he was invisible to the world and was going to jump off the bridge. He thought to himself “no one will notice or even miss me.” Then, an elderly man bent over with a cane, not getting around very well approached him and said, “Hello young fella”. The young man was stunned and shocked that someone had noticed him. He promptly stepped off the ledge, with a tear in his eye and said “Hi”. The men engaged into a conversation together, and the young man learned that the elderly man had lost his wife and didn’t get out much. Then, the young man shared his sad story and they both shared how they got lost along the way. The elderly man said, “I used to go to Church, but I don’t drive anymore.” The young man said, “Then I will drive you.” They shared coffee, and started a friendship that day which changed both of their lives forever. The young man found his faith and the elderly man got to re-kindle his. They both took each other off the ledge that day, which all started with a simple “Hello.”

So, you see my friends that our light really can resonate with others. Sometimes, we may not know it and sometimes others might not see it. But it is there within us to shine and shower onto everyone throughout each day. It can bring great joy to those around us, and bring more light to this world. A simple smile, an act of kindness, a hug, a phone call, being there for someone through the laughter and even the tears. It all makes a huge difference, and many times so much more than we will probably ever know.

Do you remember the song “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine”? I believe we are all born with a light that is made to shine brighter and brighter until the day we can’t shine anymore. It is a huge responsibility and can also be a humbling gift of power. What if each and every one of us tapped into that superpower within? What if we all could drown out the darkness? Actually, we can. We just need to join together, open our hearts, shine our Light, and in every way say, “Let there be Light”!

Angela Wright
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