Papa, Can you hear what I am going to say to you
This is not for all the things you have done and do

This is for the gratitude I hold so dear to my heart
and the love I have for you that will never part

This is for all that you have said and done for me
To make my spirit filled with so much glee

Papa can you see how you have lifted me so high
You have made me like an eagle to soar and fly

You helped to bring me up to the woman I am
you have always been my confidant and my friend

Without you my children would not be
So Papa can you see?

Can you see the mark you have had on your family and friends
Because without your touch we would see know lasting ends

The ends of the earth that you did go
To help us through our journey flow

Flow like never before to great lengths
All because you showed no boundaries to your strength

You gave me your son so many years ago
In all of those decades you have helped me grow

The ends of your mark you made on all of thee
You and your tireless abundance of giving and energy

We will try to share with others while we are living
All the poignant decades of your giving

So to the back-dives in life you literally taught me to see
to those I may have failed and you literally caught me

You are in my heart to stay for all eternity
For that I have a deep deep certainty

I love you my Dad, my Papa, my friend
That love for you will never EVER have an end!
© Copyright Always Anglea Wright | All Rights Reserved | 2020 - 2024
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