"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds,

because you know that the testing of your faith develops"


James 1:2-3
How do we actually accomplish this? How on earth can we find pure joy in our trials and tribulations? Why should we even think about trying to find the joy out of horrible situations? Well, the question is, why shouldn’t we?

Should we curl up in a ball, cry all day and give up? Probably not the best idea, right? We hear, “Look on the bright side,” “Things will get Better,” “This too shall pass.” What if we took those sayings to heart, reached into our past bag of woes and realized there always was and is a bright side? We are shaping our life and developing perseverance. We did make it through this or that and all of that did pass and it is behind us. It’s tough, however, I myself choose the path of trying to find the positive out of every situation both good and the bad, but it is not always easy.

I think possibly, we should try to look at the reasons behind those trying times. Sometimes those reasons are right before our eyes, and sometimes they take time to see. Sometimes we may never know the reasons, and sometimes we aren't supposed to. However, I feel that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. For the most part there is always a lesson in the good and the bad. But if we can remember the awesome gifts we have been given and focus on that during trying times it helps. What about the sweet holding of hands of an elderly couple, the sound of laughter, the sun, moon and stars, a beautiful rainbow? How about the barely misses or the moments that made us? What if we could remember those moments that truly mattered and got us though our trials?

We go about our lives truly taking things for granted. We really are all guilty of the woe is me. What if we stopped and pondered on that? Maybe even for a moment we would see the neighbor beside us, who were suffering even more? Maybe they were looking for the how? How, am I going to make it through this? What if the how you made it through, was because you needed to share with someone else needing to hear your story?

So why are we so afraid to share? Well, I feel it is the pride and lack of humility installed in us as young children. Do this, or do that, behave this way or that? Did we ever ask why? No, as young impressionable children, we were basically taught if you don’t behave in one way or another, people wouldn’t like us. This is true, we really can’t get around or disagree with that. Most of us didn’t want to disrespect and ask why? It wasn’t meant as harm, only a certain nature of the times.

So now, here we are. Maybe, just maybe, it’s is time to break that mold. Who cares what people think? What if your story, makes someone stronger. What if then they made it through because of you? What if our perseverance, strength and our story we could help by telling our story of how we made it through and what made us stronger, because of that trial?

What if our trials were not in vein, but for other people as well? What if we took our own trials and turned them into pure Joy, because of the ultimate awesome outcome we didn’t see? That outcome and shared what we thought we could not see. However what we then went forward and saw in our lives.

What if we saw the mountains, beautiful sun rises, chirping birds, the moon, the stars, absorbed all that to see through those trials? What if we were here to grasp that awe and wonder bestowed upon us? What if, right? Well my friends we can. So share, absorb, be thankful, share your faith, stories, and have great joy in all you have been blessed with, to make it through. Because no matter what we have been through, there really is always a rainbow.
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