Positively living

A Poem written by Angela Wright:
Positively living is for real
Just open your heart and really feel
Own your joy and celebrate each day
Then give great thanks and pray
Be comfortable in your own skin
And even more comfortable within
Breath deep and clear your mind
You will be surprised what you may find
Don’t be afraid to lean on another
Lend a hand to a sister or a brother
Let go of the baggage from the past
Be in the moment and make it last
Let Laughter bring you joyful sound
Let your feet be always on solid ground
Live Life to the fullest every minute
Soak up the world and all with in it
Let the sun, wind and rain hit your face
Take each and every moment to embrace
Give out a hug and a smile
Take time to sit for a while
Know without the beginning there can be no end
Just remember all the time you can spend
Grasp on and be ‘all in’ on what life brings
With every breath grasp those rings
Those rings of hope that carried you through
to make a POSITIVE brand new you!
© Copyright Always Anglea Wright | All Rights Reserved | 2020 - 2024
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