Putting on
Our Armor

From the time we were born into this world a type of Armor was attaching itself to us. If we remembered the feeling of suddenly being out of that warm place of comfort, forced into a room of chaos and the light of this whole new world it would be far too overwhelming. So we were protected from the start with a piece of Armor. Some may call it the “Armor of God”. Personally that is my belief. Each and everyone of us can apply and interpret it in whatever way is comfortable. However, it is a strength, a safety and power that is within us all.

Do you you remember falling down on the playground, scraping your knee, looking around to see if anyone saw you? Then picking yourself up trying to wipe that tear away, shaking it off and moving on before anyone saw you? At that moment, a bit more Armor was applied to your being. How about the time someone pushed you down, or called you a name? A shield, a type of Armor came upon you not to cry.
If we really stop and think about all the times we have been building that Armor there is no way we can recall all the countless moments. Losing a job, wrecking your car, a broken relationship, or perhaps the biggest one, losing a loved one. Those are all significant moments our Armor became stronger.
There are times to be vulnerable and let your Armor down and times to be strong and put it on like never before. The enemy is everywhere, in negativity, violence, sickness, and even wealth. It all drives us to a place of anger at times. We all have an Armor a Shield if we just tap into it. I believe now, more than ever we should all put up that Armor and come together to fight the enemy. What if we all put our Armor together as One and we won the Battle together?

We all have different Religions, different Faiths, different ways of thinking in general. However, there is one thing we all have in Common and that is the Armor that has been being built up in us everyday. It is there for all of us to grasp, to build and make stronger if we just believe. We put our Armor around our loved ones because we want to protect them. We put an Armor around our hearts because we don’t want it to hurt. I feel we need to all put our Armor on up against the enemy. Soldiers put their Armor on for battle. I believe we are all up against a battle. It just may very well be the time to put our armor on together. To reach out and help each other win the battle whatever who, or what they may be for each of us. My feeling is if we finally achieve that final piece of Armor that absolutely nothing can break through to bring us down, especially if we join together. Will you join with me, be like a soldier and put that final piece of Armor on?
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