Out With The Old, In With The New
We have all heard the term “ Out with the Old, and in with the New” right?
How about, “What is New, becomes Old again?” The fact is, this is the time of year where those phrases become very relevant. We all want to throw away or give away our old things, clean our cabinets, our cosmetics, medicine shelves, refrigerators, etc. It’s time to do our so called “Spring Cleaning”. I myself, as I am doing those dreaded chores say to myself, “out with the old in with the new” as I’m tossing things. It is a monotonous job, but also very cleansing, not to mention healthy to read those old labels.
What about looking at it also as a time for ourselves to say “ Out with the Old in with the New Me?” What if we got rid of those old expired labels on ourselves and ripped them off? A new haircut, a new outfit, or even a new car, boat or home is one thing. However all things new become old, don’t they? I find it fascinating, that we ourselves in our bodies become old, but our minds tend to think we are still in our late teens and twenties and can still do the same activities we once did.
Therefore we experience injuries because our brains tell our bodies “you can do this”. I know mine has, thus I paid the consequences.
How about, a real new you, a refreshing new start? A new hobby, a new adventure, starting a new form of exercise, how about just branching out of your safety circle? I for one like my comfort zone, but I know it’s very healthy to branch out. How do we do that, especially when we like our safety zone? How about baby steps? I think little by little we could find, that one thing we are really passionate about. What if we made a list and just tried a little something new every month? What if we just started up here on our beautiful Mountain? Maybe a new club you may have thought of joining, but just never did? How about Pickle ball, Bocce Ball or Tennis? Maybe a new workout, or for those of us who have never picked up golf and have it in our back yard, what if we just tried? Or if you are like me and aren’t very good at golf and have avoided lessons, you finally tackle that? Let’s face it, many of us are down right procrastinators. I am guilty as charged! What if one of our old labels to tare off is procrastination? Isn’t procrastination really just a whole lot of excuses? Maybe some valid, but mostly likely more excuses to get out of the dreaded new thing we can’t bring ourselves to do, am I right? So let’s put to work ‘not procrastinating’ on our list.
What if our lists consisted with finding things we really like about ourselves and writing those down and then including the old things we don’t like about ourselves. What if we worked on expanding the good things we like. Then the old things we don’t like would start to diminish and the old would start to be thrown out the door! Out with the old things and in with the New in more ways than one! So CHEERS too, “Out With The Old and In With The New!” I’m going to try, how about you?
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