The Light and Sound of Artistic Love

The Monsoons may be gone for a bit
But they will be back before we know it

The clouds are always a different shape
It’s so awesome how they beautifully drape

To see the majesty and mighty power
Reminds us to enjoy it by the hour

The thunder, the lightning and then the rain
At times it can be a bit insane

Soon we have a flash flood
Followed by a lot of mud
We see the lightning and have a brief fear
Then the thunder roars so loud to the ear

To hear the mighty roar and see the light
It’s time to grab a loved one and hold them tight

Our pets will run and hide
For us, we are along for the ride

The sounds can be peaceful, yet very strong
The show can last all night long

Those lightning bolts that catch the eye
Give us an exciting circus in the sky

We take in all the energy they display
You may just ask for an instant replay

We hope and pray it doesn’t hit a tree
No matter what, its wonderful to see
© Copyright Always Angela Wright | All Rights Reserved | 2020 - 2024
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