Are You Ready For Some Football?

Football is back in full force. Your choice may be ‘Friday Night Lights’ at the local High School. It could be ‘College Game Day’ with ESPN. Maybe it’s Sunday night NFL and ‘Are You Ready For Some Football’, with Carrie Underwood starting us off. Or if you are anything like my family it is all three. Let’s face it for the next several months it’s all about Football.

Now, though doubtful, there may be a few of you out there who have no idea what I am talking about. However, there has to be a memory in there somewhere of a Football game or two in your lifetime. You may have been a Football player or a Cheerleader. Could it be you were on the Pep Squad or a big fan in the bleachers? You might have a memory of Homecoming? Are you one of those who may have lied to your parents that you were going to watch the game, but really just had plans to make out under the bleachers with your high school crush? Don’t ask me how I know about that one? All kidding a side. If we dig down deep, even if we don’t like it, we have a memory of Football.
I would like to tell you my story of my biggest football memory.
Now, if you are a big NFL Cheerleader fan and have some grand idea that their lives
are glamorous skip ahead. If you do keep reading, this it may enlighten you.

In High School I was a Cheerleader, but that was "Rah-Rah-Sis-Boom-Bah" and screaming for my boyfriend (now husband) to score. I really didn’t know the game. Later, in the 80's I became an NFL Cheerleader for The LA Rams and that is where I really learned the game.

Just trying out to be an NFL Cheerleader was studying and learning the game. I had to meet with then owner Georgia Frontiere and then Coach John Robinson. It wasn’t a walk on the field. It was what I remember to be a pretty in depth interview about the game and little to do about me. I guess I passed the test. Before I knew it we were in training. We had to go to a higher elevation and train at Big Bear Lake just like the players had too. Not so easy. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun. Rehearsal after rehearsal, outfit fittings, Pom Poms with the perfect grip, finding the right approved push up bras, photo shoots, and then we hit the field for more rehearsals, stadium passes, and soon back on the field for the big game. It was literally lights, camera’s and real action. It wasn’t dodging a bullet it was dodging a 300lb. big football player coming at you while you were dancing in four inch heel white boots. Let’s not forget those camera men not paying attention and almost ramming the big lens into our faces. That was fun too. It was not cheering, it was dancing non stop throughout a whole football game. Oh yes, we got breaks during timeouts. Those would consist of water and doctors putting towels on our necks due to excessive heat. We hit the locker room during half time for makeup, hair, blow dryers drying our arm-pits, eyelashes glued back on and hairspray flying in our mouth’s while the maximum of teasing of hair was happening (remember, it was the 80’s!). There was a massive team on staff making sure we were all pretty and ready to go with those boobs pushed up, our smiles back on and absolutely NO mistakes. Then there were the events after the game. Security escorting us to our locker room, we had to hurry because Security was on a time frame. We needed them to escort us while fans waited for us to sign posters and game books. Then Security escorting us to our cars. If we were lucky we would NOT have to ditch a fan following us on our way home. Yes, those were the days. Sorry folks to burst your bubble. Guess what? I did learn football!

Needless to say, Football is upon us. Tailgaters are being planned. It’s a big decision to make Ribs, Chicken, Burgers or Brats. If you are a veteran tailgater you might make them all. Some of you have football party’s at home. You could find yourself at home watching the game with your pets while your significant other is at the game. Whatever your situation may be and even if you don’t like Football, may I please suggest you give it a good old college try?

You may surprise yourself and learn Tight Ends although they most likely do have a tight ends actually have an important job on the field. It might surprise you to find out what a running back does. If you don’t know what Sack the Quarterback means I think you might learn the true meaning. One thing for sure, you will see that all quarterbacks are good looking. Most importantly you just might have a good time. So the question is………….ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!
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