Beyond our death, we will see
the glorious wonders of all eternity

If we know the one who’s in charge of our living
Then we know the endless love of His giving

The wonders of our LORD we will behold
If only we believe the most important story ever told

The story of our “FATHER” from above
The “ONE” who has given us the most unconditional love
His ultimate gift of His Son to die for us so we may live
The ultimate sacrifice His love to forever give

The awe of what He gave so we have our glorious splendor
We must bow down so we may see God’s promised treasure

The treasure of being saved in His Glorious Love
Is the awesome truth of what is waiting for us above

Beyond the ecstasy of what we see
Is the never ending promise of eternity

So live and love each and everyday
Most importantly give thanks and pray

So if you look to seek Him you will find
He will forever be in your heart and mind

When you give Him gratitude and your embrace
You will be blessed to see him face to face

Beyond our trials, when all is said and done
We will find our glorious Journey has just begun
© Copyright Always Angela Wright | All Rights Reserved | 2020 - 2024
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