Your Going To Miss The Call

We all struggle in life with phone calls. The fraud phone calls, the people who keep you on the phone for hours and hours. The friends & family who have no filter. We all live this way, the roll of our eyes, the taking the phone off of our shoulder out of boredom. The "yada, yada, yada’ thing, right?"
Then there are those loved ones you talk to every day, the people you really connect with. The friends or family you have meaningful phone calls with on a daily basis. The people you put everyone else on hold for. We all have that same scenario with phone calls, am I right? Then there are the phone calls we take for granted. “Oh hi mom, sure call you later.” “Hey Bro or Sis Call later.” It is without a doubt, we can all connect with that on some level. But, recently I have become aware, there just might not be that “call you later?"
What if then all of the sudden, there is no later? Here is my reality, I recently lost my dad and my other dad, my father in-law. Both of whom I talked to every day for years. With my own father, after his dementia started to kick in, it was singing songs and laughter of special memories. With my Father-in-law, we talked about everything from the weather to politics. My mother in-law passed and the phone calls increased even greater. The phone calls went everywhere, even to ‘how hot the grocery gal was at the store.’ He listened to me complain about his son (my husband.) We had nothing that wasn’t OK to talk about.
So on January 2nd of 2021 my Dad passed, and on November 27th of 2021 my father-in-law passed. My husband knew I was going to miss those phone calls. My Father in-law called me the morning of his passing. I had laryngitis and he said, “Don’t talk sweetie, you are getting better and on the mend, you are going to continue to do good kid!” I managed to say “love you Papa, see you soon.” He said, “ I love you back, Go Ducks!” he was watching his College Football Team when his almost 91 year old heart failed him. Needless to say the Ducks won!
The next day, my kids were sending me texts of pictures with his great grandchildren and I immediately went to re-text him the photos. I was on automatic text or dialing mode. Then I remembered our contact was gone. My husband was right. I have continued to go to that automatic phone call. I am going to miss those phone calls and so will you.
Hold tight to those precious phone calls no matter what. Be kind to those operators, because you will miss them when you can’t dial or answer anymore. It’s time to embrace each and every precious moment on the phone no matter how dreary it may be. Because those moments fade away so quickly in life. Even though sometimes a bore, yes they can make you snore, but they can maybe make you laugh and smile and give you a break for a little while. Please embrace those calls and moments in someway and always let them bring great delight before they melt away. Because you are going to miss those phone calls someday.
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